First, an Introduction

Hello, everyone,

Peace. Salaam.

I begin this blog with the objective of chronicling my own personal spiritual journey frankly and authentically. I have had religious blogs in the past, but when the path became real, so to speak, I shied away from discussing some of the challenges I faced, sometimes out of shame and sometimes out of fear of judgment. I would discuss religious ideas while glazing over the mistakes I made along the way, the presumed sins I would have to repent later. I felt like a hypocrite.

I always hid behind the edict that we should not speak openly about (our) sins. But as someone who believes that the purpose of this life is to help each other through it, my being disingenuous was more than just that. I was causing harm. Upon my graduation from medical school five years ago, I took the Hippocratic oath. I am to first, do no harm, and I don’t believe that’s limited to my life as a physician.

We are all far from perfect. I’ll just be bearing witness to some of the ways that I am, and how that informs the journey I make today.

I do not exist in this space to summon anyone to my particular path, or to discourage anyone from their way of being. I simply seek to be honest so that those with whom my journey resonates can find inspiration to keep fighting the good fight. I pray we all find a way of being that is in harmony with the Reality of All Things. Ameen.

Just a few disclosures:

  1. I am Muslim, which for me means that I am one who submits her entire being to God. My life is anchored by the Five Pillars.
  2. It is an integral part of my belief that those of different faiths who believe in God and do good deeds are destined for Paradise.
  3. I do not ruminate on who is bound for Hell, and I don’t think it’s worthy of any of us to do so.
  4. God is Judge, and I believe all other judgments outside of the court of law are acts of violence. Thank you for helping me keep this space a judgment-free zone.
  5. I do not purport to be any type of spiritual leader. I am an individual reflecting on her own path. Similarly, reflections on actual scholarship will be scant.

Welcome to my chronicle.



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